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Employees Engagement and Culture Manager

Custom Field 1:  2387
Custom Field 2:  National Gas and Industrialization Company
Custom Field 3:  Headquarter

Job Purpose

The Engagement & Culture Manager drives thought leadership, strategic direction and implementation of companywide culture and engagement interventions across the organization. Specifically, focuses on designing, developing, implementing, and evolving cultural interventions that shape and shift GASCO culture to deliver on the business strategy and our cultural aspiration.


1. Promotes organizational ethics, values, and culture to attract and retain good talents.

2. Embeds GASCO values to people through employee experiences and engagement activities.

3. Diagnoses the well-being of the organization, particularly in terms of how effectively GASCO is maximizing its key strategic people levers of culture, leadership, talent, diversity, and capability to achieve its purpose and enterprise goals.

4. Builds trust with employees across all layers of the organization and be an active listener and effective problem solver of employees’ issues while helping support organizational priorities and goals.

5. Creates programs and activities that possesses a positive impact on employees and their well-being aiming to increase employees’ loyalty and engagement levels.

6. Provides recommendations on emerging trends and practices in the employees’ engagement and culture.

7. Benchmarks against other competitors to deploy best practices.

8. Drives creation, implementation and ongoing management of employee experience and engagement programs that promotes a culture of inclusivity and belonging and help attract and retain top talent.

9. Creates ways to amplify GASCO values and build employee connections; keeping employees informed, engaged, and inspired and ensuring employees feel heard, valued, respected and their work is impactful.

10. Demonstrates an enthusiastic attitude toward engagement.

11. Develops strategies and initiatives that enable all employees to engage and align to the strategy and help articulates and develops new ways of working that are required to deliver the organizations goals.

12. Develops an approach and strategy to employee engagement which includes the annual engagement Survey, stakeholder plans and management, communication initiatives, leader/team capability development and ongoing monitoring of engagement and focused actions in response Engagement experiences and feedback.

13. Performs other related duties or tasks assigned by line manager.


A minimum of 7 years of relevant experience


Bachelors in Human Resources or Business Administration


(Technical) HR Strategies and Systems

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